Ektos Game



Game Design: Stefanos Pletsis
Concept Art: Stefanos Pletsis
Programming: Stefanos Pletsis
Fonts: Copperplate Gothic Light, Market Deco
Tools: Pen & paper, Adobe Photoshop, Construct, Adobe After Effects, Anime studio
Platform: Windows/Linux
Current State: On hold

Ektos /ˈektɒs/ is a platform adventure game following the story of the character by the same name. Ektos in Greek means “the sixth”, which here refers to the sixth sense. Our character comes to his world through a wrecked catacomb. As he arrives, he finds six recesses in the walls of the catacomb, each formerly containing a suit that is now missing. Except for his, implying that the other five senses have already arrived. By the end of his journey the world will have changed, for better or worse, we don’t know yet. But surely it’ll change for good.

The game’s most distinctive platform mechanic is that through which Ektos comes out of his suit and uses his original form (as seen below), in order to access levels, pass through doors or deactivate traps. You will also find old-school mechanics such as those found in familiar adventure games (Monkey island, Myst etc). Scan your area for secret new locations with the available tools, solve the puzzles and well… just change the world!

ektos_pic1 ektos_pic2