The eye game

Ever wondered weye?

A fast atmospheric action game for your phone and tablet.

Control the eye and survive the enemy waves to unlock achievements. Transform the eye to match each enemy’s shape in order to eliminate them with your shape waves. Combine shapes to kill bigger enemies and perform special abilities.

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Game Design: Stefanos Pletsis
Graphics Design: Stefanos Pletsis
Ui/UX Design: Stefanos Pletsis
Programming: Stefanos Pletsis
Sound Design: Giannis Rallis
Fonts: Amatic
Platform: Android,iOs,Firefox OS
Current State: In development
Release date: TBA

Based on Html5 technology using Butt exporters to achieve native-like performance on any platform. Yey the future!


  • Unique style art
  • Great music production
  • Multitouch support
  • Endless mode custom engine
  • Power ups
  • Unique and fun achievement system
  • Online leaderboards
  • Fast intuitive gameplay
  • Many unlockables *
  • None of that $1,99 baloney
  • Ad free

*baahh I won’t spoil this

Well-built achievement system. Not that boring generic stuff! Kill 200 shapes holding your phone upside down or earn the “Sudden death” badge by closing your device while playing the game!

Placeholder achievement icons made by Jenny Peers