Stefanos Pletsis


b. 1986, HK.



American College of Greece
Jumping Fish

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Welcome to my humble internet place . I'm Stefanos a 28 years old humanoid, designer and illustrator with a continuously evolving love for interactive and digital art. Through my work I have built up good skills on understanding the context of a project and making good judgment calls especially under pressure.

I’m old enough to miss the pre- internet times. I love dogs I’ll wreck you at rocket-league and pink pong. I don’t take anything too seriously and I’m an indie game lover and pixel-art enthusiast. Half logic half heart and all that integrated into a decent working dyslexic human body.

I take pride in the fact that all my collaborations so far, either with employers, colleagues or clients were successful and based on good communication, problem solving and mutual food desires.

I am really effective when working independently; I am self-taught in most of the technical aspects of the work. I am an perfectionist and always trying to make the best out of any project regardless the circumstances.


CV available upon request.